Discover a completely new workout experience

Here is your chance to build strength, power and endurance, in a women’s only environment where every skill level is put to the test. Body Conditioning by Eva Redpath is something completely unique in Toronto women’s fitness. Led by renowned fitness guru and Toronto personal trainer Eva Redpath, this body conditioning class takes it to the next level, combining carefully constructed, choreographed moves that use your own physical and mental strength to push it to the limit.

In this class you will be challenged, motivated and feel totally exhilarated. The music, the moves and the moment will leave you feeling fit, strong and alive. If you are looking for a Toronto personal trainer, or Toronto bootcamps, this is a completely new option.  Experience fantastic physical results and rise above your own expectations. Discover what your body can do. This is more than your average workout.

BCBD Intoduction video


This one of a kind workout was designed by dance and fitness expert, Eva Redpath. To create this powerful, effective body conditioning class, Eva has drawn on her extensive experience in choreography and dance training, combined with her motivating personal training expertise. To push this class to the leading edge, Eva has added dynamic, cutting edge body conditioning exercise tracks that focus on one muscle group at a time. Eva Redpath uses functional full body training to maximize and harness each move to produce amazing results that last, delivering a workout that tones, strengthens, improves cardio endurance, stretches and provides total body conditioning. This workout has it all.


In Body Conditioning by Eva Redpath you will be in a comfortable, supportive environment that is women’s only, and offers small class sizes. This means you are free to focus on your workout and get the attention and instruction that you need. In this class environment you are accountable only to yourself, to push yourself past anything you thought you were capable of. Unlike working out at home or at the gym, you will be led by a talented, inspiring coach and instructor, and surrounded by women who will help bring you to that next level of fitness. In a BCBD class there is no judgement, only support and encouragement as you work towards your ultimate fitness goals.


Eva Redpath and all of her BCBD instructors, are from a dance and fitness background, combining the two disciplines into a unique, effective style of exercise. Over 8 week sessions, the Body Conditioning by Eva Redpath class follows a set of choreographed moves that challenge, strengthen and motivate from beginning to end. No matter what level you are at, you will be provided with options and modifications to each move, giving you the tools to fully attack the exercises, complimenting your own skills, needs, and goals.